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Quality in steel by Stahlbau März

We offer you the highest quality in steel construction, metal construction, stainless steel construction, stainless steel processing, building locksmithery, service and maintenance, planning and statics in the region of Munich, Starnberg, Upper Bavaria.

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Creativity in metal

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Family business since 1876

Stahlbau März GmbH

Metal construction in Starnberg and the region of Munich, Upper Bavaria

As an experienced smithery since 1876 and modern steel and metal construction company with today 5 master craftsmen, 2 engineers and our highly qualified technicians, we stand for outstanding and long-lasting performance in our industry. The implementation of high-quality steel and metal constructions as well as the realisation of stainless steel projects are our strengths.

Consulting, planning and realisation

Our engineers and technicians offer you comprehensive and customer-oriented solutions from planning to realisation.

Our own construction smithery

As a regionally active family business, we offer many years of experience and innovation. In our in-house construction smithery, we combine solid craftsmanship with the latest manufacturing techniques.

Sustainable and protecting the environment

We practice environmentally conscious thinking and action - also in the use of our materials.

Architectural offices, property management companies, companies from industry, trade, commerce (construction companies, trade fair construction, etc.), the public sector as well as private building owners have been using our professional know-how and best workmanship for over 135 years.

Ideas in steel

Our core competences within the framework of steel construction include

  • Building locksmith's shop
  • Stainless steel processing
  • Steel, glass and metal constructions
  • Metal design (art smithy)
  • Service, repair, refurbishment, maintenance and modernisation

We advise, plan, manufacture and assemble your individual project from steel, stainless steel and others metals and metal-glass combinations.

Stahlbau März - with us, flexibility, quick response and fair pricing form the basis for consistently long-standing customer relationships, over generations!

Complement our team

We hire

Our philosophy

Stahlbau März - for the sake of the environment

For us, sustainability is the epitome of a new basic order. We think - or better - ahead, with the objective of creating ecological, social and economic conditions to secure our future and that of the next generations.

This requires the cooperation of EVERYONE. Also in our family business, which for decades has been committed to the preservation of values, social engagement and maintaining the health of our environment.

As one of the first members of the Bavarian Environmental Package (Agenda 21), we attach great importance to the use of environmentally friendly materials and production methods. Their selection and use are subject to our active quality management, which also contributes to maintaining the value of our products through adequate and environmentally friendly corrosion protection.

Family business - traditional and modern

For almost 140 years - in the meantime in the 4th generation - environmental awareness, sustainability and also social commitment have been lived in our family business. Both in the area of production techniques and towards our employees and business partners.

Investment in production, qualification and employees

For the most part, our staff is made up of skilled workers who have been with the company for many years (up to 50 years of service). The qualifications of our staff - such as engineers, master craftsmen, journeymen - are far above average. We do NOT use temporary staff, but continually expand our team through permanent appointments. Regular further education and training for our employees are just as much a part of our company philosophy as a wage level above the valid collective agreement. Teamwork is not a foreign word for us but a programme; we do not know hierarchical structures!

Taken together, these points become the key to our success - in addition to our high product quality, the commitment of our qualified employees thus leads to a high level of customer satisfaction.

We are there for our customers

Ask us - we advise, plan, manufacture and assemble your individual project from steel, stainless steel and other metals as well as metal-glass combinations.

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