Industrial, steel and stainless steel construction

New constructions or building in the existing fabric

Due to their solid construction, our steel and metal constructions meet the highest demands, both technically and visually. Our team of employees - engineers, designers, metalworkers and fitters - implement engineering and craftsmanship services in a requirement-oriented manner. Customised CAD/CAM designs guarantee the highest precision.

Balconies, balcony systems, stairs, railings, doors, gates, canopies, glass roofs, fences, privacy screens, partition walls, escape ladders, escape stairs, steel platforms, window grilles, etc. made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium are manufactured at Stahlbau März GmbH with the highest quality standards and taking into account our certified quality management according to DIN EN1090 design class EXC 2. Shape-, weather- and corrosion-resistant profiles prove durability and stability.

Due to their diversity and the possibility of different surface treatments, steel, metal or stainless steel products give different buildings an individual character. Noble finishes enhance a property or deliberately act as points of contrast.

Due to the direct and close cooperation between our engineers, structural engineers and metal construction designers as well as our metal construction masters, the dimensionally accurate production and surface treatment of a wide variety of constructions is already carried out in our construction locksmith's shop and in authorised partner companies. This minimises production processes and enables short assembly times.

In our construction metalworking shop we realise the highest quality metal, steel and stainless steel products

  • Balconies, balcony systems
  • Stairs
  • Railings, gates, garden gates, window grilles
  • Canopies, roofing, glass roofs
  • Fences
  • Privacy screens, partition walls
  • Kitchen elements
  • Escape ladders, escape stairs
  • Steel stages and halls
  • Steel roofs
  • Bridges and footbridges
  • Door and window
  • Facade elements
  • Combined metal-glass constructions
  • Special solutions according to customer requirements

Steel, metal or stainless steel constructions - also in combination with glass - convince through form and function. For ancillary trades, we draw on the expertise of specialist companies with whom we have long-standing partnerships.

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